Killing my doubt.

I just realized that I’m not young anymore (ugh that sucks) and the more I think about it, the more realistic I’ve become.

Can I reach my dreams? I keep questioning it a whole time.

Being an adult is awesome, I can tell. But my cowardness keep pulling me from what I want to be. “I can tell you’re a nice girl from a nice family. You’re naive and spoiled,” said my fieldtrip friend once to me. Honestly, I was shocked because we just barely knew each other for just 2,3 days and she read me like a cheap teenlit novel.

Well… maru deshita. That’s right, I was raised as a naive girl who can’t even decide the path of my life by myself. Hell, even I don’t have any guts to confess to my parents that I want to dye my hair into purple!

Human have the ability to survive because they imagine things, they dream. That make us human. If I stop dreaming and pursuing it, dewa watashi wa nani mono da?

I won’t stop dreaming and I wont stop realizing it. Kyo wa『Because my dreams are stronger than my weaknesses that are hurting me,』 to iimashita.

So dear me, don’t ever hesitate to be the person you want to be.


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