Raison d’etre

I’ve fallen in love again with Dir en Grey! They are so cool, charismatic, and talented! I listened to their songs again, from the latest (Arche) until the oldest one (Ash, Garden, etc.) Then when I saw their costume from Visual Kei era, I think their costumes were cool, especially in Raison d’Etre PV :3

Since my favorite member is Toshiya (the dandy bassist who resembles Leslie Cheung lol), I decided to draw him in Raison d’Etre. I really did want to draw Die (since he’s also my favorite member), but I found his costume in that PV was not as cool as Kaoru’s so I decided to drew the leader :p

Let me show you Toshiya’s costume (he looks so pretty~~)

Toshiya 03 - raison detre

And below is Kaoru’s costume (the bra is dope!):

Kaoru 03 - raison detre

Here’s the beginning. First, I drew the sketch first. It’s very challenging since the picture wasn’t in the best quality .-. (It’s from 2000’s I guess…)


Next, I colored it.


Part 2

Then I added layers to pop the colors and added details.



Last but not least, the final touch…



Ugh, I’m so done~


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