So…. umm… yeah… I have a beautiful dream last night.

In that dream, I am dating this guy.



I know! He’s so special, right?

From his appearance, he looks manly and such with long hair and simple gray shirt, but somehow he has a feminine side, like how alluring his gaze is, or how delicate he pinches a cigarette between his fingers… you can call him sexy ugly–someone who is not conventionally good-looking (or any kind of good-looking in some cases), but possesses an appealing personality, style, or talent, and is thus considered attractive by many. I found his big smile and how he plays his guitar with snake skin tattoo on his back of his hand is sexy ;p (I’m not trying to be a pervert here, but when I am describing his tattooed hand, I keep imagining him doing sexy things with it… you know, like stringing his guitar, brushing his hair, or you-know-what-men-do-when-they-take-longer-time-in-bathroom-than-usual.)

ANYWAY, let’s go back to my dream’s story line.

So, yeah, in that dream, I am part of the band’s tour in America, I just don’t know what exactly my position is (maybe translator? It’s the most possible one since I can’t play any music instruments, though I want to learn playing keyboards), but I am in the middle of the band’s tour and I am inside the tour bus with the members.

I don’t remember exactly about where are other members and where they sit, but I sit exactly beside him. He is still on his concert outfit–black tank top under a thin black cardigan, his hair is messy and damp because of sweat–and he sits calmly on his seat, staring at a New York street.

I don’t know where it starts, but in that dream, I am tired and I rest my head onto his shoulder. Maybe it’s weird, but I can feel the warmness of his skin even though my cheek technically brushes his black cardigan. It feel so good, he smells good and I can feel his body rise and fall because of breathing.

Can you imagine, me, sitting next to the ugly-sexiest guitarist Japanese metal band inside a bus in nowhere, exchange the same air, and I put my head onto his not to skinny but has a gentle muscle shoulder? It can’t get better that. It’s not sexual dream, for me it’s just intimate and special.

I just remembered this scene from my dream once I woke up, and I didn’t want to forget it, so I quickly rose from bed, and now I’m typing it with big smile on my face.

I wish I can see him live on concert (that’s one of my bucket’s lists) and truly seeing him as a human being on stage lol. I guess it’s nearly impossible for him and his band to hold a tour here since many people here don’t quite a fan of metal band and choose K-Pop, wishy-washy music with no deep meaning, so I hope I can see him and his band live in Japan, maybe in Nippon Budokan, since I found the band is better and more energized when they perform in their own country.





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