Because Indonesian sambal is awesome, thus I made this post

After living for 24 years, I can differentiate sambal in three category.

First category is the devil sambal. When I eat any foods with this type of sambal, I feel like tortured. It’s so hot to the point of my entire mouth feels burned and like being punctured by needles. The suffering doesn’t end yet because the next morning I have a hardcore stomachache and when I finish taking a dump, I can feel my butthole burned (poor you my baby butt-ho…)

The second category is tsundere sambal. It tastes fine once you eat it, it just leaves warmth in your mouth, which I like most. But don’t get tricked by this sly cunning thing because once it comes to your stomach, it will show its true colors. I don’t know what’s the exact ingredients that cause this, but the next moment is your stomach will be hurt so much ALL DAY LONG (I mean like, I tried many times squatting on toilet but nothing came out :cries:).

The third category is NICE! sambal. I like the type of sambal which leaves warm sensation in your entire mouth and cooperate with my stomach and butthole. I don’t have any regret when eating this kind of sambal :thumbs:.

This post is dedicated to sambals in third category since they’re my favorite.


Onion Sambal Bu Rudy

Thanks to Fairuz for introducing me to Onion Sambal Bu Rudy, I really like this one. At first bite, I could feel the spice stings up right until my nose. I thought, “damn, I’m going to have a stomachache today”, but I didn’t and it’s hella fine! I can eat my tempe with this sambal as much as I like. FYI, Sambal Bu Rudy is extremely famous in Surabaya and it becomes a must-buy souvenir if you come to Surabaya. There are two type of sambals other than onion sambal which are Shrimp Paste Sambal and Green Chili Sambal. I haven’t tried two of these but I’m going to!

Bon Cabe

I looooove Bon Cabe to the point of I mix it with mayonnaise as a dipping sauce for my french fries :laughs:. It does leave nice warm sensation in my mouth, but I learn not to eat it too much because it can caused acute stomachache.

Shrimp Paste Sambal ABC

This one is the least on my list, but I still like it. This sambal has a bit of sweetness in it, but it mixtures well with the spice and the shrimp paste. Even though I like it, but I am not a big fan of this sambal because it doesn’t taste fresh, alas, more like a factory-made.


I’m still trying to explore more Indonesian sambals and adding them to my list :thumbs:. I’m planning to add Sambal Matah from Bali, but let’s see! I would be happy if someone can drop a comment recommending me for another amazing sambal to be tasted :wink:.


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