Raison d’etre

I’ve fallen in love again with Dir en Grey! They are so cool, charismatic, and talented! I listened to their songs again, from the latest (Arche) until the oldest one (Ash, Garden, etc.) Then when I saw their costume from Visual Kei era, I think their costumes were cool, especially in Raison d’Etre PV :3 Continue reading


Rose Tatoo

Recently I’ve been kind of productive today *thanks to my new drawing pad* *hugs*

This is my first artwork with drawing pad and I’m verryyyy satisfied with the result. It wants me to practice more~

I really wanna get a rose tatoo on my neck, but I think it’s impossible >.<

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Princess and Prince Flower

Hello! It’s been a long time since I published my first work (I hardly found spare time to draw)

I found an idea about Princess and Prince Flower today. So this Prince Flower is cursed; flowers will grow on his head when he’s shy. But the Princess likes him and calls him “cute!”. I really like to draw the lovebird! I also have a plan to buy drawing pad, but I’m still give a thought about it since I don’t have much money T___T

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