so racism doesn’t only apply on Hollywood movies.

So when I read news that one of my favorite manga and anime, Sakamichi no Apollon (Kids on the Slope or Apollon on the Slope) is going to be adapted into live-action movie in 2018, I nearly screamed in utterly joy.

But when I saw the cast list, I was so disappointed.

My favorite character in the series, Sentarou Kawabuchi, the big hafu boy with Rosario on his neck and undeniably awesome when playing drum, is played by a Nakagawa Taishi, who is not a hafu….

Well, things will be getting serious from this point.

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もう 少し。。。

子供の とき、 私の父は 知る。

でも 真実 父は よく 分からないと おもう。

多分 最近 あまり 話さない。

喋りたい、一生に 料理したい、 誠実の 話したいー私の 本当の 気持ち。